Hey Everyone,

So we just got back from Spring Break! A most celebrated time of year when exhausted college students take a week-long break, plan to do lots of work to get caught up, and generally get very little of it done.  While I did find myself being somewhat productive this past week, I still managed to squeeze in plenty of time to hangout with my family and friends in my home town. 

I think it should be written into law that all spring breaks occur on one specific week, but since that’s not the case, a few of my friends were not able to come home till the weekend right before break was over.  My friend Sarah, goes to school up in New York City, so a few friends and I road-tripped up for the day to see her and visit the city.  New York is one of my favorite places to visit because it is literally never boring.  There’s always like 12,000 different things to do at one time, and the hardest part is just picking where you want to go.  For this trip, we decided to keep it classy and visit a museum during our trip. 

Now, this is where things can get expensive for students on a budget.  NYC is a pretty pricey place to visit as is, but with all the schools in the area there are a ton of student discounts all students can use.  Even though myself and my friends did not attend an NYC school, we still got the student discount and decided to visit the MoMA!  I had never been to the Museum of Modern Art before, but I was excited to visit a NYC cultural landmark and see another aspect of the city. 

There is one thing I should tell you before you continue reading this blog: I know nothing about art and even less about modern art.  Sure, I can appreciate art and the fact it probably took the artist a lot of time to create and what not, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t “get it” sometimes.  Because of my total lack of art knowledge, I basically decided that if I could make it, it didn’t count as art.  Not the most intellectual way to view artwork, but hey it worked for me!

The museum had a lot of weird pieces on display, but there were also a lot of famous ones too!  Here are some of the pieces I got to see and my analysis on it being art.  Feel free to comment and critique, these are not professional opinions by any stretch of the imagination! So lets play “Is it Art?”

 So, this is a Picasso piece and he’s pretty well-respected in the Art community. Even with my limited art knowledge, I think this counts!
Ok, seriously torn on this one.  It’s a Pollock piece and while its super inventive, I have tried it before and can def be done by someone with the most limited artistic skills.  With all that said, he was the first to try it so its Art!
This is the famous Warhol can painting. I always thought it was the same print, so it didn’t really count, but actually each of the cans have a different name which is kinda cool… He’s a cultural icon so I’ll give it to him. 
Normally, I totally wouldn’t count it, but taking pics in front of it are super fun so I’m just gonna count it!

These are a lot of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.  While this would be a super cool way to light your bedroom, it’s not art. 

Is this not the coolest hammock ever?!? So totally counts just because I would totally have lounged in it if there wasn’t an angry security guard next to it. 

Ok, its Starry Night people. Clearly one of the most famous pieces ever and its beautiful in real life.  ART!

and my final piece to analyze…

A half-unpacked cardboard box.  At first, I thought the display wasn’t completed or someone forgot to take out the trash.  Then my friend Brandon pointed out, that it had a plaque on the wall and someone had actually claimed it as their own artwork.  Well, I almost tripped over it and, seriously, it’s a box! I’ve officially decided this is not art. 

So there you have it.  Even on a student budget, you can still be super classy and make your own decisions about modern art.  Well, that’s all from me for now.  Till next time everyone,



Hey Everyone,

As midterms are coming up, this semester seems to be getting incredibly hectic.  There’s always some sort of paper or project due and its like a never-ending amount of work.  So with all the work from professors and organizations coming up, I felt that it only made sense to take a break and go out! Ok, maybe not the best use of my time, but I def needed to do something fun before I really got down to business.

Yesterday afternoon the Temple Owls played the St. Joes Hawks and there was no way I was going to miss that game.  Temple has a long-standing rivalry with St. Joes and with the teams being so close to one another, there’s always a big student turnout from both teams.  My family came down for the game to it was fun to hangout with them and watch the antics of the student section.


My Brother and I at the game


One of the big reasons that students were excited for the game was due to St. Joes less than stellar record this season.  The men’s basketball team at Temple was 20-5 before the game started, while St. Joes was 7-18.  With such a strong team, it seemed pretty likely that the Owls would win, which made everyone even more excited about the game.  Some students even referred to the game as “The Funeral of the Hawk”.


Liacouras Center before the game


During the game one of the major players on the team, Lavoy Allen, had a personal victory of his own. He broke the school record for all-time leader in rebounding!  The announcers stopped the game to tell the audience and the student section, as well as the rest of the stadium went wild supporting #24.


Lavoy Allen


After an intense game, the final score was 66-52 in favor of Temple! It was an awesome game and the student section was having a blast with the cheers and signs.  I am def going to be at the next game against St Joes.  That’s all I have for right now.  Till next time,


Hey Everyone,

If you live anywhere near Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the US basically, then you’re probably aware of the snow.  Over the past few weeks, we have gotten all different kinds of winter weather: a ton of snow, ice, hail, sleet, and pretty much every other fun kind of weather you can think of.  Most colleges don’t close when it snows but we have had a few delays because of the weather.  Campus may be a little chilly right now, but it looks really pretty out with all the snow.  Check out my pics from the storm!


Snow at Temple U


Construction took a break for the day



Fav food hut covered in snow



Getting a little artsy with my pics, haha!




Lovin' the snow at TU!

So, the weather has been pretty fun so far, but I think I’m ready for a little break.  Hopefully no more storms come our way for a few weeks.  Well, time to get into my snow boots and head to class.  Till next time,




Hi Everyone,

So the Spring semester has finally begun and I am starting my 6th semester at Temple! It still  feels so strange to call myself a junior, but I am excited to get even more involved in my major and start applying for summer internships.  I was also looking forward to the start of this semester because I could officially start my new minor!  It’s a combination Computer Science and BTMM minor and hopefully I’ll be able to design websites or do other, more technical things, in my major.

With the start of this minor, I had to start looking into taking a whole new range of classes that focus on new media. Yesterday, I began my first Comp. Science class which I’m pretty excited for and soon I’ll be starting my first online class! Its called Introduction to Cybermedia and not only do I get to learn more about the use of new media, but I also get to work on website design!

There are some definite positives to taking an online course.  For one thing, you don’t have to worry about actually scheduling the class in because it can be completed on your own time! It also makes it easier to work on projects on your own time and at your own pace.  The class requires attendance to a couple of online classes that are only an hour in length and the rest is online blog posts and emailed papers.

There are some clear advantages to online courses, but I am a little worried about the negative aspects of this kind of class.  Because it’s not a weekly class, there are limited reminders about assignments and dates for assignments.  I’m worried it’ll be difficult to stay caught up and easy to fall behind without reminders from professors.  Even though I’m nervous about the challenges that lie ahead in this course, I’m excited for what I’ll be learning as well.  I’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date on the class and how its working out.  Well, that’s all from me for now!  Till next time,


Hey Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and had a chance to relax! I enjoyed being able to get home for a few weeks and not being forced to work on papers or study for exams.  Even though break has been great, it’s quickly coming to a close.  Classes haven’t started yet, I’m still beginning to get ready and making sure I’m prepared for the semester.

Starting the semester is something dreaded by all college students.  It’s not that we aren’t excited to start new courses and see old friends in class.  I’m usually pretty excited for the beginning of the semester, it’s not usually strenuous and eases you back into a school schedule. But the major downside of the new semester…is buying textbooks.  Students line up to spend all the money they worked so hard to earn over the break on really expensive course books that they might not read a lot, if at all.

There are a lot of different ways to lower the costs of books.  If you buy them early enough, you can get them used or even rent the textbooks you know you won’t use again.  If you’re interested in being more high-tech, however, there’s another option for you as well.

Over break, my parents got me an e-reader, the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  I’m a huge fan of reading to begin with, so this was the perfect gift, but after some research I found out that I can download textbooks to it as well!  The textbooks are actually cheaper in e-book format and you don’t have to worry about selling the books back.  It’s also easy to look up information with e-books and most e-readers include a built-in dictionary that can define words as you’re reading!


Companies are making e-textbooks for all formats of e-readers so anyone can use this as an alternative to a traditional books.  Great way to save money, and I hope it will make it easier for me to read for fun during the semester too.  Thats all from me for now! Till next time,


Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long break between posts but the last few weeks have been super hectic with end of the semester projects, papers and exams.  I finally finished most of my work and have one final left before I complete the semester.  I cannot wait!! Even though I’ve been studying like a maniac for a while, I still found a little bit of time to get out and catch up on some of the fun stuff around the city. 

  • Eagles Game!!: I went to my first Eagle’s game a few weeks ago when they played the Houston Texans.  The game was really fun, especially since they won! It was really fun to see how excited the fans were about the team and how dedicated people are.  It was so cold at the game, but we still had a fun time and I hope to make it down for another game next season (preferably when its warmer out, haha!) I actually did a video project about the game and you can check it out below. 
  • Christmas Village: Every year, vendors from all over come to Philadelphia and participate in the Christmas Village.  Its open from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve and its an open air market full of ornaments and great gifts.  I found out about the market last year when I had a class in Center City, but I finally made a visit to shop this season.  They have really cool gifts and trinkets from all over the globe and have great performances during the evenings and on weekends.  If you ever find yourself in Philly over the holidays, its definitely worth a look.  I didn’t make this video, but it’s still pretty cool!
  • Win over Georgetown!: The last big on-campus event I got to go to was the Temple-Georgetown game on December 9th.  We were definitely the underdogs in this game, playing against the undefeated team.  The Owls played really well together, but the standout player was #23 Ramone Moore, who scored 30 of the teams 68 points.  It was a nail biter to the very end, but Temple finally beat the Hoyas 68-65 and the crowd went wild.  The student section actually rushed the court to not only cheer on the team after such a huge victory, but also to celebrate Coach Dunphy’s 400th career win!

So, I’ve been able to fit a little fun into my schedule, even with all the school work I’m completing.  Well, I have to get back to studying for my LAST FINAL, but I’m sure you’ll all hear from me soon!

Till next time,


Hey Everyone,

The semester will be done in less than a month, so of course all the students on campus are working hard to get everything done for classes.  This time of the year can always be stressful for most students who find themselves facing a growing workload, so its nice when we have something exciting to distract us!  Luckily, we have a ton of different sports teams we can go support right now, and they’re all doing really well!

Our Basketball teams started their seasons on Friday, starting with the Girls team facing off against Ohio State.  Unfortunately, the game ended 84-75 for the Buckeyes, but the girl’s team did show a strong start for the season and team member Qwedia Wallace scored a career-high 32 points for Temple.  The girl’s game led right into the boy’s game against Seton Hall.  The guy’s team played a good game too and beat the Pirates 62-56.  The Boys played again on Sunday and royally kicked the Toledo Rocket’s butts, 82-49!

Qwedia Wallace for the Girl's Basketball Team

Juan Fernandez for the Boy's Team

The games are insanely fun for students to attend and we have a great stadium.  Tickets a free for students and if you are a Wild Cherry member you are guaranteed a spot in the student section, the best place to sit at games.  The cheers are always crazy and some of the students really get into the game by painting their faces or dressing up.  It can get a little rowdy in that section, but is definitely worth the sore throat you may have after the game!

Last night the football team played their last home game of the season, and even with the rainy weather, a lot of students still went out to support the team.  It was a tough loss to Ohio, but the Owls still played a good game and maintain a strong ranking in the Mid-Atlantic Standings.  I’m excited for next weeks game, and hopefully there will be another Bowl game this season too!

Football Team

Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, going to the games and supporting the team is still a fun way to get involved at school.  I don’t know too much about the game, but I still enjoy cheering the teams on to victory!  That’s all I have for now, have to get back to all my projects for class.  Till next time,